Changes During The Pandemic

The Corona virus has changed how all business have been marketing their products to the world. With a whole new set of standards and guidelines business have been finding a way to sell their products without having their doors open or with being open. The corona virus has led a lot of consumers to fear entering a store. So we will be focusing on how business have been keeping themselves open during the pandemic.

To start from the beginning of the corona virus the world began experiencing the struggle of being outside and around others. With a Pandemic comes a lot of fears and uncertainty about what the future holds, this causes humans to change their ways of living in order to protect themselves. A pandemic can cause mass amounts of people to stop purchasing things and to remain home as long as possible, especially during a shelter in place order. This is where online shopping, curb side pickup, and shipping as come into play.

Many business have changed how they are running, moving to online shopping, to go orders, deliveries, and more. To start online shopping as saved most business from closing their doors, with the availability of online shopping it means that business’s can still have income and keep themselves open. We as a society have moved to shopping from home and trying to avoid going to the store to keep ourselves and loved ones safe.

Another business that has struggled through the coronavirus is restaurants who are now offering take-out and curbside pickup. This helps limit the amount of contact people have with one another and things that could be potentially infected. Delivery service has also had and increase in need of drivers, as more and more people are wanting their items/ food delivered to them.

Throughout Covid-19 we have seen many things change in our world and one of the biggest things is how we receive and purchases products from a company. As we have discussed many things have changed to help protect us from this virus. Doing everything we can to help keep us and our consumers safe will help your business prevail during this pandemic.

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