Understanding Your Audience

Hello, my name is Nicara Morrison. I specialize in Marketing and Web design. I wanted to give everyone some information on how to know your audience better. When you are marketing your product out to the public it is important to use several tools: such as expertise on your product, knowing your audience, understanding how your audience affects you. I will be going through these topics to better help you understand how to reach your targeted audience. 

To start, Knowing your Audience is by far the most important tool in selling your products. Almost all products have a target audience or two that will be visiting the site more often and speaking about it with their circle of friends. Keeping in mind that most of your customers will bring you in more customers whether that be their families, friends, co-workers, or their online followers. If you are able to lure your target audience in with your products and the knowledge of what you are selling, you have a higher chance of succeeding. 

The audience is the target

Secondly, Expertise on the product or skill you are advertising is most important, being able to help your customers with any questions they have will increase your chances of them purchasing something from you. If you are selling women’s clothing you would want to know how accurate your sizes are to other brands. In this aspect, you would want to know as much about your competitor as possible. Most of your customers will ask you questions based on the knowledge that they about the general product. The more you know about the industry the easier it is to sell your product. When comparing your product to another company you will need to know how you surpass them in order to lure your target audience into purchasing your product. 

In addition, understanding the way your audience will perceive your product will help you communicate better with them and attract more people to your site. When writing or posting about your product keep in mind the demographics of your audience, are you selling a particular product or are you selling professional service for your business? When directing a post towards a particular gender you might change the wording you use to better attracts that gender to your product instead of bringing in an audience who is not intrigued by your product. This can also go into how your product is presented when being sold, from colors to background patterns you can attract many people this way. 

Lastly, your audience affects your business a lot more than some may realize so keeping these tools in your back pocket can help your audience grow. I specialize in helping people grow their business and reach their targeted audience. Throughout the years I have seen several of my customers reach their targeted audience and more using these tools. These tools have helped me grow within my profession and have helped me keep long-lasting clients. 

3 thoughts on “Understanding Your Audience”

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