How Our Competitor Compares

In order to better understand the field that we are in, Nicara’s web Ink has been doing research on who our competitors are and how they compare to us. For this blog, we have chosen to look into a unique digital agency that works on marketing and growing online brands. Digital Silk is a marketing team of online professional that works closely with the business to help them grow their online brands and target audiences.

There are many differences when it comes to comparing companies, we look at logos, slogans, marketing strategies, and services. Digital silk strives to work in a timely manner and to exceed all expectations with its marketing and web design. They work closely with their customers to achieve the best results and claim to have the most qualified people on their team. This helps them attract bigger business who are striving to bring in more customers on a larger scale.

Digital Silk has many goals when working with their customers, they make sure that their customers are working closely with their team of experts to make the customers’ website perfect. They state that removing the middle man can help save their customers time and money which is very important to business owners. The company prides itself on getting things done in a timely manner and having all websites to the customers’ satisfaction. Looking at Digital Silk’s target audience, they target business owners who are trying to create or fix their websites, broaden their audience, and grow their online persona.

Furthermore, Digital Silk uses a wide variety of different tools to attract its audience. One of these tools would be their slogan, “Dedicated Industry Experts With Proven Track Records, The Team You Want On Your Project” (Digital silk ). Using different slogans and catchphrases Digital Silk has obtained a long list of clientele and has created a case study section for potential clients to review before making a decision. Their case studies consist of big companies like HP and Xerox.

Next, we will compare how Digital Silk’s marketing and strategies are different from our company. Nicara’s web ink is solely run by the owner of the company, Nicara, where she works with each client closely to make sure that their needs and wants are being met. While Digital Silk has a larger team that works together to build the websites as fast and as efficient as possible. Nicara’s web ink works closer with smaller companies and independent small business owners.

Secondly, Nicara’s web ink prides itself on personalization. Our slogan is “personalize your passion”, we focus on making sure our customers can take their passion far beyond what they thought it could be. Working with small business owners you get individuals who are looking to take their hobby to the next level by selling and marketing the things that they make. With our help, our customers have seen their small business grow and exceed far beyond what they imagined their business being.

Next, we will be looking at how the two companies compare in social media. Digital silk is on many platforms including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. Our competitor posts on social media about every three to four days with new information and different ways of marketing. They market using videos, posts, statistics, and encouraging quotes about succeeding. Nicara’s Web Ink is on several different platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. We post about every 3 days to keep our customers and our potential customers up to date on projects and any new services. We also post about the success of our other customers to show in real-time what we are accomplishing.

In conclusion, there are several different ways a marketing company can go about advertising to be the best out there. Digital Silk uses many of the same techniques that Nicara’s Web Ink does, from social media to expertise in the field we both make sure our target audience knows what our services are and how they compare.

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