The Future Is Here

The future of technology is within grasp, from old town cars to the car that can travel time we all have envisioned what the next generation of cars will look like. Recently General Motors also known as GM, has marketed their new car Lyriq which is the next generation of cars, with new batteries and EV system that helps it run environmentally friendly. GM is competing with tesla which goes into our last blog about competitors and how they compare.

To start GM new Cadillac, the Lyriq is just the start of their line of new electric vehicles that will all be available by 2030. They have stated that this car is the “next chapter” in how America see’s Luxury cars. GM announced that their new car was one to compare and compete with Tesla and their eclectic vehicles. As they report that they have changed the way that the electric car business is run, the Lyriq surpasses all other electric cars and is changing the standard.

General Motors has been paying close attention to how other electric cars can compare. Knowing that Tesla’s model Y Is capable of up to 316 miles per charge, GM’s new Lyriq can go up to 300 miles per single full charge. GM’s goal is to eventually have their electric cars at up to 400 miles per single charge which out beats their competitors. Another plus to the new Lyriq is that unlike most electric cars it does not have a front trunk has it has no engine.

The Lyriq has many designs that most consumers will look for when purchasing a new car including; and illuminated front, a long brake bar in the back, and a 33 in LED screen inside. GM’s 33 inch surpasses that of every other car, with a screen that covers most of the front dash and can display over 1 billion colors. Lyriq was also designed to compete with other luxury cars helping make it the best in the car business.

Lyriq is the car we have always wanted but didn’t know we needed. GM’s new car can remember its owner and will come to life as you approach the car. It also many more features that can help its owner navigate it, it self-parks and will display any information that the driver need to know on the windshield to help reduce distraction. Not only does the Lyriq have all the qualities a car owner is looking for but it also helps support the movement of moving toward cleaner care for our environment.

GM has gone far beyond the expectation of society and created the vehicle that that is built for luxury and performance. Throughout the last few years we have seen the car business change how they are building cars and presenting them to the public. We are caring more about the environment, so they have changed and shaped the way they market vehicles. Going from the most beautiful cars they could make to the most environmentally friendly car, as shown how society can slowly change the way we live. Wanting to improve our world and care for it as changed the way we see our world today not just in cars but in our every day lives.

GM has taken the next step in Environmentally friendly vehicles and it will only grow and change from here. Technology is a huge part of our lives and how we run our world now. Seeing cars that are taking the next step in how we run our world is the next step to fixing it and making the changes needed to better ourselves.

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